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UpCart - A Household Must Have

As you know, I love testing out new products. I used to do it with great fondness during my times at Taylor Gifts. Now that I no longer have access to a literal warehouse of items to try out, I only get to test things out every now and again. Recently I've come across a product that I love. In fact, I'm surprised other mail order catalogs haven't tried to gobble this up.

It is called the UpCart. The UpCart is an all-terrain stair climbing cart. Instead of struggling to carefully bounce a dolly up and down steps without having your stuff fall off, the UpCart allows you to smoothly transverse the steps with ease. How do you ask? Well, the three wheel design of the UpCart will enable you to pull or lower the cart along the steps smoothly. The difference between a dolly and an UpCart is like the difference between a cold knife through frozen butter and a hot knife through butter that's been left out for a few days. (It's really smooth.)

Another great feature of the UpCart I tested out is that it doesn't take up much space when you aren't using it. It just folds up and can be slid into the closet with ease. It certainly takes up far less space than a traditional dolly. Despite its lightweight design and size, these carts can haul around quite a bit. Depending on the specific model, they are rated to carry 40 lbs to 200 lbs.

The models include:

UpCart Lift - Rated for 200 lbs and folds up to take up little space.

UpCart Deluxe - Rated for 125 lbs for moderate lifting jobs.

UpCar Beach & Sport - Featuring a 40-gallon capacity bag and big flat wheels, this cart will help you get over those dunes and ready for a day at the beach.

UpCart Pro Shopper - Featuring a large capacity 3-tiered bag, this can hold over 70 lbs while you shop. You can easily swing this cart around multiple stairwells as you climb the stairs with the things you've bought.

Below is a video I made for the UpCart folks putting their cart through its paces. Be sure to give it a like and share. It is for a contest afterall.

Check out the video below and visit today and get one for yourself. Their customer support is excellent and they are very nice people to communicate with. They take their product quality very serious over there, which you don't find every day.

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