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Subterranean Homesick Preemptive Apology

Ladies and gentleman, I have a fantastic music video to share with you. "Subterranean Homesick Preemptive Apology" is a cover of a Bob Dylan song by Philadelphia based comedian, musician, puppeteer, and overall bad ass Mike Connor. Mike Cover Bob Dylan's 1965 Subterranean Homesick Blues. You may not recognize the name of the song, but the music video is almost universally known. Mike is also the man behind last year's Papal hit, "Frankie The Pope."

The thing I love about this music video is that Mike has used skills as a puppeteer to put together a quite enjoyable music video to watch. Everything is hand-drawn in this entire video, which if you think about it, took quite a while to finish. If you look at the video carefully, you'll notice there are no cuts, and it is just one continuous shot. This was insanely difficult to do. I swung by in the evening they shot it, and it took multiple takes to match everything up with the music. Sometimes the cards would stick, and other times they would flutter around and knock stuff over. It was a truly impressive to see Mike and his crew make this work for the video.

Helping Mike in this video were the talented Vegas Lancaster, Corey Holland, and Jamie Glasheen. Corey not only helped to shoot this video but also shot and edited Vegas Lancaster's "Biden Time" video which also featured Jamie Glasheen. Corey also appeared in my failed attempt to be Beach Gary's VP, and Mike and Vegas also appeared in a Sparkling Ice Water video with me.

This song is the only cover song in Mike Connor's upcoming album release, Privatepartasaurus. This album is scheduled to be released on October 6th. I will, of course, have a full review of that album when it lands.

Without further ado, check out Subterranean Homesick Preemptive Apology.

Watch the original Bob Dylan song here.

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