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IRCE - Day 2

I returned to the McCormick Center for another great day at IRCE. I popped into a session in the morning talking about Content Marketing. I wrote down some great notes about it from someone named Quinn Tempest. (Her name in itself is pretty awesome.) While I don't want to get too much into the weeds here with what they were talking about, it was a very interesting presentation on how Home Depot handles it's content on their website. I think there is a lot here I can apply to the Urgent Care field, since many websites often have very similar if not the same content.

I spent much of the afternoon hitting up a variety of booths. I entered quite a few sweepstakes talking to people about their services. Not sure if I'll win anything, but I always enjoy entering them. I think the most interesting one was from the Canada Post, which was a huge Captain Kirk picture autographed by William Shatner. That would be pretty fun to hang up in my new secret bunker bar.

Another neat vendor I ran into had ROBOTS! For years at Taylor Gifts I wanted them to get robots for inventory management and fulfillment in their warehouse. I really wanted to use them with the Duke of the Warehouse. Alas, they did not and they went out of business. It was hypnotic to watch them scurry around and move products back and forth.

I ran into Ned from Criteo! I've crossed paths with him a few times at conferences and even snagged an interview with him at an eTail Conference. Click here to check it out. It was great to see him. He's very nice and very good at his job.

I talk to some great email marketing providers, MailChimp, Maropost, and DotMailer. I really think Urgent Care could take advantage of email marketing a whole lot more than they do now. Hopefully I'll get to work with on of these fine folks, but that does take some convincing on my end. At the very least I do think providing options and possible conversions to the powers to be is very valuable so they can see what is actually out there.

I did chat with some amazing ecommerce people out there today. However, that isn't an area at the moment that I have a lot of involvement with. Notwithstanding, it did give me some ideas of areas I think the Urgent Care industry could be pushed towards, but that is for another time.

Finally, as you can see. I made some friends today.

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