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Thump Local

Thump Local is a marketing company based out of Levittown, NY near New York City. They do video work, responsive web design, advertising, PPC management, review management, and other marketing related things. You should check out their website. They do some good work and I highly suggest giving them a look, especially if you live near them.

They decided to hold a video contest, which is always something that catches my attention. The contest rules were specifically vague on what they wanted to see, leaving it up to the entrants to decide. What they wanted was their logo somewhere in the video. With such a wide berth in terms of creative freedom, I decided to put together this video:

This was filmed for the most part in areas of my secret HQ that I normally don’t film in. You might notice that tractor in another video where I was searching for something. I think from now on for all videos where I am searching for an object or person, that tractor needs to be moving in the background for at least one shot.

I think out of all the videos I’ve done, this one is probably the strangest in terms of music and overall execution. I like it as it isn’t as straightforward or “sell-sy” as my other videos. I also shot this video during the evening part of the day, which isn’t usually a time I film in.

Will Thump Local like this video in the end to the point where I will win their contest? Time will tell. Maybe a future client of theirs will need an adventurespokesman. I’ve always wanted to be the fake CEO of a company.

*** Contest Update *** 4/17/17 Alas, I did not wint 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place of their video contest. But their office did binge watch my videos and did seem to enjoy them. Maybe I'll do some work for them in the future. Who knows?

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