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I Love Lindsay

Oh Lindsay, how I love thee. No, not Lindsay Lohan despite the fact she was totally fetch in Mean Girls. Yes, I’m making fetch a thing. I’m talking about Lindsay Olives. Generally speaking, I’m not a big fan of olives. It takes a specific kind done in a specific way for me to really enjoy olives. Lindsay Olives are my preferred olives in most recipes, especially in taco dips. I’ve never had a batch from Lindsay Olives that weren’t tasty or fresh. If you haven’t tried them out just yet, you should.

Another thing I like about Lindsay Olives is the fact they are a family owned company. While they are huge in size, they stick with what has worked for them since 1912: Sending out darn good olives. I appreciate a family that puts generations of work refining and sending out a good product. Lindsay Olives are those folks. From what I understand they also treat their employees very well, which goes a long way in my book.

Recently they had a contest where people submitted love letters about Lindsay Olives. This was my humble submission and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

Behind The Scenes

This was filmed on parts of my property that I haven’t filmed in before. There is a winding path around my bunker where I frequently patrol. It made a good setting for the malacology I was trying to portray. The overall execution of the video with the punch line turned out far better that I intended. This was one of my better efforts.

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