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The iProven Dual Mode Thermometer

I love product testing and filming myself trying things out for the first time. Be it small or large, it’s something I always look forward to. And actually, in all of the product testing videos I’ve filmed, I’ve only ever come across one thing that didn’t actually work. (It was a battery operated can opener.)

The iProven Dual Mode Thermometer did not disappoint. This is just one of several medical devices produced by this company for home use. They have some really nifty ones that connect with your phone to track your data. I tested out their model DMT-489. It’s considered to be dual mode because it can take a temperature on the forehead or with the ear. Check out my demo video below:

As I mentioned in the video it comes with batteries included. There is a plastic tab you have to pull out before you use it for the first time. I did this before I started to record the video. If found the forehead and the ear measurements to be very quick and quite accurate. Removing the headpiece to take a measurement with the ear was no issue what so ever. The carrying case will keep it safe from scratches or if the headpiece pops off while stumbling around for cold medicine in the middle of the night.

Overall this is a quality home medical device at a very reasonable price. I can say with some authority that this is one of the better products I’ve tested in all of my video product testing.

7/5/17 Update - The fools at iProven did not pick my video for their contest. Oh well, their loss.

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