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Corker Caboodle - Amazing Handmade Gifts

As an adventurer, I often bring back various trinkets and gifts from all over the world. However, sometimes I don't have to travel to far to find something awesome. Check out Corker Caboodle. This local artisan from Berks County Pennsylvania hand makes all of these gifts from wine corks. From ornaments, to tie tacks, to card holders, to adorable little snowmen, she is quite good at what she does. Each one is unique and different. These are not your mass-produced decor you pick up at one of those big box department stores. Check out her Etsy page and be sure to like her on Facebook. She's always making new things, so you'll want to check back often to make sure you don't miss something.

I visit her pretty often, so if I see you on a regular basis, I can probably hand deliver you one of these gifts.

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