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Hiring America started this contest earlier this year for people to film advice to returning vets. As someone who has had many different amateur roles, I of course was more than happy to lend my advice to returning vets. The prize for the video with the most likes was some lovely computer equipment. Alas, the judges opted not to pick my video, but picked some fine videos. You should go and check out their website and learn how you can help returning veterans. This was my advice to vets:

Sure they are okay, but I obviously thought mine was better. With that said, I’m not bitter about the whole episode. The contest was for a good cause and the fine folks at Hiring America did give me a shout out. They did enjoy my video immensely.

And now for some behind the scenes. This video with my advice on getting a job was oddly connected to some off camera adventures. When I filmed this video, I was coming to the end of my time at Taylor Gifts. In fact, I think I filmed it before I left, and submitted it after I started a new gig. That work didn’t last for too long and I found myself once again unemployed. The contest was extended a few times and only wrapped up recently. When it did, I found myself doing some more stuff on the side again. I basically went through three jobs during a contest that talked about how to get a job. There’s a joke there somewhere. You will also notice that this was filmed before I had shelves installed behind me.

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