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Summer Fun & How I Get Around Contest

Summer Fun

Gizmo, my trusty wolf hound, who has appeared in demonstration videos as well as my X-mas special convinced me to enter him into a contest sponsored by Dog Star Daily. In this video we go around showing what we do for summer fun. This included stealing cookies from the World’s Greatest Grandmother, digging holes, climbing mountains, looking for bears, and taking naps.

This video was shot around my headquarters here out in the Birdsboro area. This was the first contest where Gizmo was a costar with me and one of the handful of videos that features him. This video also features some parts of the property not previously filmed, including the bridge we crossed.

Contest Update: For some reason, no one at Dog Star Daily liked my video. Their loss.

The folks at Comedy Central and @Midnight had a contest where the grand prize was a new Jaguar car plus appearing on @Midnight. Pretty amazing, right? Well I submitted these two videos via twitter and they caught the attention of the people at @Midnight. Both of the videos were selected as semifinalists.

The first video included a cameo by my good friend, Roger The Warehouse Monster and had me riding on a variety of lawn care equipment. The second video was just me talking into a phone.

However, I did not win.They did however use a clip of me in their highlight reel.

Ultimately, another video was selected. It was deemed by the judges as being the most comedic out of all of the videos.

I’m certainly happy she won. She certainly looks like a really nice person.

Do I think her video was funnier than either of mine?

No. No I do not.

Maybe they weren’t too keen on the helmet?

Well, there’s always next time.

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