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The Great Flat Stanley Adventure

Earlier this year I received a missive from a good friend and adventurer that she needed assistance in a Flat Stanley project. Flat Stanley is a character from a book and as part of a reading lesson plan in schools, Flat Stanley is often mailed around the world to visit places. Pictures are taken with Flat Stanley and then he is mailed back so a classroom can map out his travels.

Well I decided that pictures wouldn't do, instead I filmed and sent them a video of my travels with Flat Stanley.

Flat Stanley and I visited:

It was a lot of fun and I think they will enjoy the movie quite a bit. My good friend Katie Mauro assisted me with filming and was invaluable in the filming and planning process.

- Behind The Scenes -

The scene with the snow was filmed hours after I had a tooth pulled. I didn't want to do any filming on that day, but this was the last snow of the year. The classroom I sent this video to is on Arizona, so a snow scene like that was fun to include.

All of the Philadelphia scenes were shot on a separate day and was very close to the video I shot for "And Another Thing w/ Larry Mendte."

The Reading Pagoda was actually the most difficult scene to film. The area was very crowded that night with teenagers watching the sunset. Fortunately I was able to find a spot in front of the Pagoda where I could get the shot in.

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