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I'm Back! Sparkling Ice Contest

So if you have been following me lately, you’ve noticed that I’ve been posting a lot of videos for Sparkling Ice Water. They are having a special #SparklingICeContest for the months of June and July. In short, you send photos and videos featuring their drink and you earn points. Earn enough points and you win some prizes.

Now I thought I’d easily sweep up top prize in this contest because no one has better videos than I do. However, the contest is more geared towards quantity than quality. Sure, I could sit on my end and relentlessly tweet over and over again. I actually had to convince Roger The Warehouse Monster not to do that outright. He took a lot of convincing. I had to feature him in a few videos.

While I probably won’t take first place, I did get a case of my favorite flavor and a few bucks towards some theater tickets on Stub Hub. I can’t complain. Although it would have been awesome to see my face on bottles for a year.

Maybe they can hire me for some YouTube exclusive commercial. Now that would be an adventure.

Enjoy one of my favorite videos and watch the entire series.

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