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I'm Off To #IRCE15

Next week I begin to explore the Internet Retailer Conference + Exhibition. This yearly conference is held in Chicago and is HUGE. There are many great speakers coming to talk about a whole slew of topics. I am definitely going to be sitting in on the talk from the co-founder of Reddit. I’m sure he’ll get plenty of up votes on his topic. I plan on sitting in on most of the social media related sessions. I always find it intriguing what is coming next on the social media frontier. The great thing about the IRCE is that their app makes it very easy to plan your days there from the sessions you plan on attending, to networking with other retailers and vendors, to where the booths are in the expo.

Speaking of booths, there are literally a couple thousand of them at in the expo center. I don’t think you could realistically visit everyone and remember who you talked with. Plus you would likely die from exhaustion from all the promotional materials and swag you’d pick up along the way.

So the question I’m sure you are asking is: Am I conducting interviews there? No, I’m not. I only do that when I’m asked. I’m actually leaving my helmet at home. It doesn’t travel well. With that said… I shouldn’t be too had to find for impromptu selfie.

That's me on the right with not Liam Neeson and pretty much how you'll see me at the conference.

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