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Stufz Burger Press - Delicoius Stuffed Burgers

Sure, there are plenty of things you can put on top of a hamburger, but what can you put on the inside? With the Stufz Burger Press you can make your own stuffed hamburgers with ease. Stuff it with onions, blue cheese, mac & cheese, pickles, or anything else you can think of. Making these sort of burgers is easy with this great kitchen tool. It is simple to clean and it makes a great gift for any outdoor cooker.

This was a great product to test. I filmed it on the same day as the watermelon slicer. This item worked great at putting together a stuffed burger. It did take 2 attempts to create a proper burger, but after that it was cinch to make these delicious burgers. Since they are stuffed on the inside, you do need to be a little more careful when turning them on the grill. They are a little bit weaker than their full burger cousins. However, the extra care in cooking them is well worth the effort.

This video along with the watermelon slicer were the first videos to be shot outside of the office. This video also marked the return of Gizmo and is one of the few videos where I wear a different hat, other than my pith helmet.

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