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The Watermelon Slicer

Watermelons are one of the best snacks you can have during a hot summer day. While many grocery stores sell pre-sliced watermelon, it's always fun to get a big one yourself. Cutting watermelons can be a bit of a mess and cutting equal pieces can be downright difficult. That difficulty evaporates if you have a watermelon slicer on hand. It cuts a watermelon in moments and gets it ready to for your guests. Clean up is a synch and it works on all sorts of melons. It is the must have summer tool for all of your melons.

This was one of the first videos filmed on location outside of Taylor Gifts. I only had one watermelon to cut, so I wasn't sure if this would work in the first take. If it didn't work... well then there would be no video. I pause for a moment after I cut the watermelon because it was much easier than I thought it would be. This video also marks the first appearance of my dog, Gizmo.

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