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Big Boss Swirlio – Frozen Healthy Treats

The Big Boss Swirlio was another of the early product testing videos I filmed. This gadget took frozen food and made frozen treats by mashing it up into a smoothie like material. It required some preparation, as you had to freeze the fruit the night before. This particular Swirlio came with a recipe book that had a lot of great suggestions for fruit combinations to try. Overall, it is a great device that does produce some delicious, healthy frozen treats. No added sugar is needed so come summer this is a great option to get a cool snack. I think the best part about this is that children can try to mix and match different fruits until they come up with a combination they truly enjoy.

You’ll notice the lack of opening and closing lines I now use on a regular basis. I also walked in with a cane, with originally was suppose to be a regular prop but shortly after I filmed this the cane broke and I never replaced it. You’ll notice that I am startled once or twice during this video. I did not previously use this product until we started filming, so this is a very honest demonstration of the video. We only had enough fruit for one attempt to make something. The only hang up I encountered was not letting the fruit thaw long enough. This video marked the return of the Duke of the Warehouse and Hungry Steve was added to the credits.

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