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Bag of Buffalo Nickels - Coin Collecting Starter Kit

In my adventures, I pick up many different varieties of currency. From Kroner, to Euros, to Yen, I’ve used just about every currency imaginable. I once paid for a sauna session using a combination of polished rocks and a bootleg Frank Sinatra CD. What I love most about currency are the coins. If you think about it, these are mini arts of work that countries send out to the world to say “Yes, this person was important” or “this animal represents us. Needless to say I usually keep a few coins with me after returning from overseas. I am an amateur coin collector.

Buffalo Nickels are very old coins that are till in circulation and can make the start of a great coin collection. An uncirculated 1926 Type S nickel could be worth upwards of $3,600. The Bag of Buffalo Nickels I show in the video below probably won’t have that specific coin, but it will have 20 nickels in very good condition. This bag can be great gift to a young relative to spark their interest in coin collecting.

This video was the first video to feature a planned extra credit scene. The Mr. Lid’s video used an unused take. This video marks the first, although uncredited appearance of Hungry Steve.

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