Weather Reports

Besides being an adventurer, I'm also an amateur weather reporter. I love giving reports on the weather, especially when it snows. Below are all of my various weather reports from past winter storms. I usually label them with the names that the Weather Channel gives them. I'm not sure if I agree that winter storms need names like hurricanes, but it does make it easier for me to keep these videos organized.  Enjoy and drive safely!

As you can see, I am a bit of a weather nerd. I generally only do reports on winter storms, but if a hurricane or tropical storm blew through the area I'd likely file a report about it. Random severe weather doesn't work very well since there is a bit of turn around time between me filming something and posting it. With that said, you can probably find me on Twitter filming weather reports. I do find the weather fascinating, below are some great products so you can get a weather report at home!