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SocialGlobe is an influence marketing company that I joined in late August of 2020. I was personally invited to participate by the CEO of the company Marty Hale. SociaGlobe is the world's largest network of social influencers, celebrities, brands, photographers, and models.   They have a deep stable of content creators promoting brands big and small.  I've been contracted by them to promote some really great brands. While some people will do anything for a buck, I only plug things I've personally tested and tried out myself. Below are some brands that I've sampled products from and can assure you, they do everything they claim.

Click on the brands below, explore their website, and try some of the things they are selling.  You should also visit this page often because you should expect additional brands to be added here on a regular basis.  Check out my Rizzle channel, where I will be hosting all videos where I am plugging products. 

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Brands recommended by Colt Sebastian Taylor

Dr. Wright M.D. Target Response Formula
Lauren Lane

Each product from Moonshine Organics is built to have a distinctive character and outstanding quality.  Their Master Crafter ensures each and every product is created and sourced from only the finest materials and ingredients.  Moonshine Organics has high standards when it comes to quality, and it shows through their passion for these products.  They have a unique spirit you will not forget. 

Try their craft cocktail collection of Blended Phytocannabinoid Oil.  

  • Margarita

  • Moscow Mule

  • Old Fashioned

  • Pina Colada

  • Tommy Dean's Sidecar

  • Vodka Energy

This product line is formulated and inspired by a continued desire to help people by providing an extension of care. These products are safe, effective hemp-derived CBD solutions that help people's well-being by using a botanically based approach.


Dr. Wright M.D. has worked to develop these products by creating Targeted Response Formulas.  These products are designed to target discomfort, tension, stiffness, and ease pain naturally.  There are also many soothing botanical benefits.  

Nourish your skin with luxurious CBD-infused products. Lauren Lane's ultra-hydrating formulas and botanical extracts will make you feel younger and healthier.  Currently, they have several collections available for all parts of your day and life.

  • Morning Collection

  • Evening Collection

  • Indulge Collection

  • Recovery Collection

Previous Brands

Ageless Raid Relief Cream

Click here to learn more about Rapid Relief Cream from Ageless. Formulated for optimal transdermal 

penetration and absorption, it is great for pain relief. It is infused with essential oils and 750mg of water-soluble hemp extract. Use it for relief to sore muscles and joints.

  • Maximum Relief

  • Quick Absorption

  • Fast Acting

Use code SG50off3 for 50% off!

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