AFC Urgent Care Segments 

Every now and again the fine folks at AFC Urgent Care put out some seasonal promotional graphics. I love the work they do at their clinics and they are my go-to location for immediate care for nonlife-threatening illnesses and injuries.  I use these graphics as inspiration to film some videos.  

AFC Urgent Care is a nationwide network of urgent care centers. Nearly 200 centers are available all over the United States. These walk-in medical clinics are open seven days a week and no appointment is needed to access any of their services or see any of their board-certified doctors. They can not only handle injuries and illnesses, but they also have many everyday services available. For example, when I go overseas for my adventures I will swing by a location to make sure I don't need any extra vaccinations for safe travel. They are also a great location if you need a DOT Physical.  When I come to the point where I need employees to make my adventures successful, they will be my top choice occupational healthcare. As you can see, there are quite a few reasons why they are my favorite places and why I make some videos for them.