1990's Breakout

My good friends James Bradford and Pirate Pebbles set out to create a new "Escape Room" in Philadelphia called "1990's Breakout." They are two talented folks and I had a chance to interview them during a karaoke show they hosted together. Not only didI interviewed them, but they were also mentioned in the Philly Gay News

Alas, their overall plan to create this new escape room did not pan out in the end. Apparently, the "Escape Room" business in the Philadelphia area is very cutthroat. There are, from what I understand, a lot of petty people out there who think they own the entire market. I guess this puts a damper on my "Escape Colt Sebastian Taylor" themed escape room. Although to be honest, that would also cut back on weird looks I get when I say that. In the meantime, check out these escape related movies.