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Greetings Adventurers!

October 2020 Update - I am working with SocialGlobe and expect to see me as a Brand Ambassador of something soon. Click here to check it out.  They are looking for other Brand Ambassadors, Models, and Influencers.  


Welcome to my delightful little corner of the world wide web. Initially, I was just going to have a GeoCities page or something on Hometown AOL, but my team of web wizards has explained to me that both services were shut down in 2009. Who knew, right? So I've created this website to highlight my many adventures, house my blog, and show off any other side projects I might be working on. I try to keep this site as updated as possible and while I haven't been too successful with that in the past, I feel like I have been doing a pretty good job as of late.


What will I find here?

Allow me to break down the sections for you:

CST TimesThe Colt Sebastian Taylor Times, a curated collection of news stories I find to be interesting. It is updated daily so be sure to subscribe!

AWSM Radio & Rizzle - Get more information about my weekly radio show & my somewhat daily news updates on the Rizzle App.

Social MediaAll of my active social media accounts are listed here.

YoutubeWhile I am no longer making YouTube videos regularly, my past collection of adventures can be found here.  

AboutMore about me, some of my favorite businesses & people, and some areas of expertise that are available to you!

Enjoy friends!




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