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See Colt Sebastian Taylor On It’s Relevant TV!

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I have some very exciting news to share. My two new series, Colt’s Cult Classics and Colt’s Cocktails have been picked up by It’s Relevant TV. What’s is that? It’s a custom television network created for public spaces and businesses. The network pulls in thousands of hours of content. So, unlike a doctor’s office showing the same 20-minute looped programming, you’ll rarely see the same thing twice throughout the day. In fact, it’s highly unlikely if you have it set up properly.

I first met these folks while setting up these networks for several AFC Urgent Care Centers in the Philadelphia area. Watching it for a few moments, it looked like some of these people were YouTubers. I contacted for more info and decided to developed two new series. As mentioned in a previous post, I’ll be adding videos to these series every week and you might just see them in a variety of places all over the United States.

Some of the businesses that use Its Relevant TV include.

So, you are probably asking yourself, what makes Relevant TV so much better than regular cable? The monthly cost for this network is in many cases less expensive than a regular cable bill. You also have many other features such as:

Your Own Custom Channel – You get to select what genres of content plays throughout the day.

Live Social Media Integration – Several times an hour, messageg from your social media feeds will display throughout the day.

24/7 Online Control Panel – You have complete control of what shows and what is displayed

Digital Signage System – Display your messages and ads along the right side of the screen. These can include announcements or services you are offering.

Live 5 Day Weather Forecast – Down to your zip code.

Live Custom News Ticker – Updated throughout the day to keep your customers up to date.

Mix In Your Own Videos – Have someone in the office who likes to film? You can upload your own videos to appear on the television.

Competitive Ad Block – Block competitor videos from appearing on your screen.

So if you have a business and are tired of leaving it on a news channel all day long or the same Lifetime Movie channel, check out my friends at It’s Relevant TV. Tell them Colt Sebastian Taylor sent you. I’m pretty sure you won’t get anything, but it’ll be funny if I hear about it. You should consider using them in your business. If you do, you just might see me there.


See my two latest videos.

Colt's Cocktails - Ginger Balls

Colt's Cult Classics - The Running Man

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