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Back From eTail East

I came. I saw. I interviewed.

I’m back from Boston and I had a delightful time at eTail East. Although I am still sorting through the footage, I am pretty sure I talked to more people during this conference than I did at eTail West in Palm Springs.

The ladies and gents at eTail know how to put on a good conference. While it isn’t the biggest conference you’ll attend, it is incredibly intimate and their sessions tend to be of the highest quality. These sessions were very popular this year. Last year in Philadelphia, I could pop in and out of sessions with relative ease. At this conference, each session was packed with people eager to hear the keynote speakers and panel discussions.

That’s about it for Colt Sebastian Taylor. I have a mount of footage to process. I hope to have theses videos done in a week. Until then adventurers!

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