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Hire This Guy: Sebastian Hunt - Expo Magician

I first met Sebastian Hunt while wandering around my first conference in Chicago. Having never been to a trade show, I tentatively explored my new surroundings unsure how to approach booths. Low and behold standing in the middle of a huge convention hall holding a deck of cards with his sleeves rolled was a pleasant gentleman in a three piece suit. As I approached him he stepped forward and asked, “Do you want to see a card trick?”

What a ridiculous question, of course I did. After blowing my mind with a series of card tricks, he introduced me to the people standing at the booth, his clients. From then on, we chatted about internet security. I probably spent the most time at that booth compared to the others in Chicago. My company wasn’t in the market for their service, but I spent the rest of the conference on social media and talking to others about how they had to go and meet this magician and talk internet security.

You see, Sebastian Hunt is an expo magician. Companies hire him to perform tricks and he quickly determines if they are the sort of folks who would be interested in whatever service his client is providing. If not, he sends them off on their way with quite the impression. If so, he makes a formal introduction. He is THE GUY you need to hire if you have a booth at a convention. I believe he also does weddings, which I imagine is a blast also.

We crossed paths again in Philadelphia and although we had only met once before he yelled out across several booths “Colt Sebastian Taylor!” It was the highlight of my Philadelphia conference. I only hope we run into each other on a more regular basis. If testing out products doesn’t pan out, I imagine we could easily open a private detective firm and solve crimes together.

Be sure to check out his website, follow him on Facebook, and on Twitter.

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