• Colt Sebastian Taylor

Mr. Lid - Never Lose Your Lids Again

The Mr. Lid set of containers was the first product I tested at Taylor Gifts. I liked this product because I have in the past struggled to find the right lit to the right container. These specific set of containers already have their lid attached, which is very nice. The lids are very secure and did not pop open when I was testing them. Each purchase comes with 10 containers:

  • Four 4 oz containers

  • Two 8 oz containers

  • Two 16 oz containers

  • Two 32 oz containers

Those with a keen eye will notice that I don't start or end this video with my usual catch phrases. Those were coined a few weeks after this video was shot. I reused the Mr. Lid containers in a few future product testing videos. This video also marks the first appearance of the Duke of the Warehouse.

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