Favorite Bars


As an adventurer, I spend a lot of time in seedy bars waiting for contacts to arrive. When I'm not on the clock I like to go to less seedy bars to relax and have a few good drinks with my closest associates. Below are some of my favorite bars to frequent. The bartenders are very nice, the drinks are excellent, the prices are reasonable, and most importantly: I know where the back door is.  


Shades of Green Tavern


While in the Birdsboro, PA area (specifically Gibraltar, PA) there is only one watering hole I like to go to, The Shades of Green. To quote their new website, “This isn’t your father’s watering hole.”  In the summer of 2016 they remodeled the inside of their bar and it looks great. As for food, it’s hard to say what is the best because everything is delicious. I like the Cheesesteak Panini personally. As for drinks, they always have a rotating selection so it’s best to see what is on tap. I’ve never been disappointed. 

Mickey's Tavern


While on adventures in the Philly Suburbs, specifically Upper Darby, I whet my whistle at Mickey’s Tavern. This is one of your old-school neighborhood bars that is very welcoming. You’ll usually find owner Brian behind the bar on most nights. Not only does he make a mean drink, but there are dozens and dozens of craft beers available. The prices are great and there is always a hardy crowd there for fellow adventurers.

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