Product Demo - Wiwoo Sport Clip Music Player

Honestly, I didn't know they were still making MP3 players out there, but apparently, they are. I was a little skeptical of trying this product out but was pleasantly surprised with how useful it would be. This lightweight device is perfect for anyone who wants to listen to music but doesn't want to use their phone to do it. There are a variety of reasons why you may not want music from your phone, such as not wanting to run down your battery, or it is too clunky to use it like that if you are the move. This device solves all of that with 16 GB of memory in it and the ability to boost that memory, via a micro SD card, to 128 GB. It also can function as an FM radio and step counter. Finally,

Product Demo - Video Camcorder With Night Vision

I have never reviewed a camcorder before, so I was very interested in trying out this one. Probably the strangest thing about it is how nondescript it is. It is just a camcorder with no branding what so ever with it. Despite that, it does a pretty good job at filming me. My only sort of issue is that the internal mic was not very good, so I would suggest using a shotgun mic or a handheld mic with it if sound quality is a crucial concern. The "night vision" aspect of this camera was fun to play with and did a surprisingly good job at picking me up in a pitch black room. This video was reasonably straightforward to film also. I thought about reviewing every single "mode" of the camera, but the

Product Demo - Wosports Solar Powered Flower Lights

As landscaping goes, I'm no expert, but I do like myself some lovely solar lights. I was sent these three solar-powered lights to try out and was quite pleased with them. They are easy to put together and light up brightly at night. So far, they have still been glowing into the wee early hours of the morning. With that in mind, you should always be aware that solar powered lights don't perform as well in the winter as they do in the summer. The angle of the sun and length of the day makes it easier for them to get a reasonable charge. However, there is also a lot of terrible solar power lights out there. These lights however, do a good job. This video was filmed outside on my patio from an a

Product Demo - Sunhat

As someone who enjoys wearing hats, I have an great appreciation for excellent head coverings. This sunhat does a lovely job at protecting my face from the sun and glare. Unlike my usual pith helmet, it actually ventilates very well keeping my head relatively cool. Yes, the pith helmet I wear does not work very well on hot days, unlike original pith helmets. The great thing about this hat is that it can fit into tiny spaces. I had ample room to place this hat in my vest and could easily pack it away in a bag, vehicle, or backpack. It comes with a strap, so it doesn't blow off your head if, let's say, you are chasing someone on the top of a train. The sides also clip up if you don't want them

New Series - The Colt Sebastian Taylor Show

So as you may have noticed, I've started a new series called "The Colt Sebastian Taylor Show." With the retirement of Colt's Cult Classics, I felt like I needed to continue to film something. As much fun as it is to do Colt's Cult Classics, it is a surprisingly time-consuming process for a show that is pretty much a single topic. I decided to move on and start a new series, The Colt Sebastian Taylor Show. However, I did not want to have it at my bar. Colt's Cult Classics and Colt's Cocktails both take place there and I didn't want a third "show" to be there. I am somewhat limited in my options in my secret bunker so I decided to get a green screen and see if I could work with that and so

All Good Things...

All good things must come to an end. I decided to retire, for the time being, Colt’s Cult Classics. Originally I created this series, along with Colt’s Cocktails, to be shown on the It’s Relevant TV Network. They have TV’s in thousands of businesses across the United States showing programming. Part of their screen is dedicated to the business where they can show ads or plug their services. I had been submitting videos to them every few months reviewing movies and occasionally putting in a cocktail video in there. Initially, the videos got great play. They were not time-sensitive, since they talked about movies that had been out for years. They weren’t out of date the longer they were on t