Starkist, Entenmann's, Papa Johns, and Perhaps SEPTA are fools

A bold statement. I know. Why do I say these three companies and possibly one mass transit system are fools? Easy. In each distinct situation, each of these entities did not hire me. I mean, I would be the PERFECT choice for a mascot or fake CEO type person for any of these companies. Allow me to break it down, and as a note, these are not in any means any order. Entenmann's- The folks at Bimbo Bakeries, (poor name choice, but it's a language thing) were looking for a Chief Donut Officer. In this contest, they were looking for people to run for this most honorific position. They would have a list of finalists, and then a public vote would take place to determine the final Chief Donut Off

A Shout Out To Thump Local

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