Newest Colt Cult Classics

Greetings friends! While I waited to see the decision of Charlie the Tuna & Candace Cameron (and was disappointed), I filmed some additional Colt Cult Classics. Enjoy! Encino Man - This 1992 movie is one of Pauly Shore's best movies. For my money, it's better than Jury Duty and BioDome. It also features a very young Brendan Fraser and Sean Astin. Fun fact, both Sean Astin and Johnathan Quan were both in Goonies. Pee Wee's Big Adventure - This was Pee Wee's first movie! Despite being from 1985, I feel like it has held up well over time. This was also the first film that Tim Burton directed and led to his further work which I'm sure you are very familiar with. This movie has some very fun c