Chief Donut Officer - #CST4CDO

As I frequently mention, I am an adventurer, entrepreneur, and amateur everything. Over the years I've been many amateur things: Lawncare professional, bartender, mole hunter, outdoorsman, and many others. However, I'd like to take a bold step forward and soon introduce myself as Colt Sebastian Taylor. Adventurer. Entrepreneur. Chief Donut Officer. You see, the fine folks at Entenmann’s are looking for a Chief Donut Officer for their company. I mean, it's not every day that a world-famous company like Entenmann’s is searching for someone for such an important role. It's a really brilliant move by this company. Some so-called donut companies would just pick from a small group of people for th

Two New Videos - Thump Local & High Bar Shirts

Greetings friends! It has been awhile since I've entered a video contest, but two recently caught my attention, and I had to film something for submission. Thump Local I filmed something for Thump Local last year for their annual contest. However, I did not make the cut for that contest. With that said, they were very positive with their feedback, and I'm pretty sure they subscribe to my YouTube page. Last year I did a bit more of an abstract concept about Thump Local, this year I point blank told you why you should hire these folks. Regardless if I make the cut or not, you should check out their website and consider them for some work. They are quality people and if you need help with dig