Business Highlight - Places To Take Sick Pets

Deep down inside my secret bunker somewhere in Berks County, I have a great office mate. Her name is Cordy, and she is a 9-year-old boxer. She pretty much follows me wherever I go and is often supervising the videos I shoot. In the last month, she has had a few health scares. She still thinks like a puppy and doesn't quite realize how old she is getting. In a spat of bad luck, I've had to take her to three different vets over the last month: One emergency room, one animal hospital, and one animal hospital specializing in surgeries. The first occasion was after she misjudged a jump and took a hard landing. She sprained her shoulder and was hopping around on three legs. Fearing that she may h

My Newest Adventure

I'm proud to announce my newest adventure today. You are probably assuming it is something outlandish like traveling around the world to