The other day I came across a rock. Not shocking. However, this rock had an eye on it. It was staring right at me. I thought this could be one of two things: A: A magic rock that would grant me a series of wishes or the winning lotto numbers. Possibly both. B: A clue to a multinational conspiracy that would take me around the world solving mysteries with Tom Hanks. It turns out it was neither. It was a "Kindness Rock." People, from all over the country, take rocks and paint pictures or inspirational messages on them and leave them in places for other people to find. These people then either keep the rock or place it somewhere else for others to find. While I have heard of this project befo

Book Recommendations

Colt recommends to great books for your library: Grass Roots: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Marijuana in America & Is English Changing

AFC Urgent Care Havertown Now Open!

As an adventurer, the chances of me getting hurt or coming down with an illness are higher than most. Unlike a regular check-up, these injuries and illnesses don't let me just pop into my regular doctor's office for an appointment. Sure, I could wait a few days for her to be available, but if I do there's a chance my illness could get worse, or I could hurt myself further. The last thing I want to do is go to an emergency room. It's expensive, and I'll have to wait hours to be seen by someone unless I'm suffering from a life-threatening illness or injury, like a harpoon covered in Ebola sticking out of my chest. Fortunately, I have a preferred place to go for urgent care, AFC Urgent Care and