Manatawny Still Works Bottling Night

This past week I spent a delightful evening at the Manatawny Still Works in Pottstown. No, I wasn't picking up additional bottles of their delicious Coffee Whiskey, I was participating in one of their bottling nights. What's that? Well, I'm glad you asked. The most crucial part between spirits aging in barrels and pouring them out of a bottle and into your glass is putting it in the bottle in the first place. The bottling of their spirits is a labor-intensive process. Everything is done by hand, and therefore you need quite a few pairs of hands to bottle all of the spirits. Fortunately, the wonderful folks at the Manatawny Still Works have the process down pat, so it functions like a well-o

Let's See If I Can Get To Chicago

It's 708 miles to Chicago. I'm going to take the train. I'll have a safari vest, a pen, notebook. And I'll be wearing sunglasses. As you may or may not know, I love going to the IRCE, also known as the Internet Retailer Conference and Expo. It's held in Chicago, IL and it is one of my very favorite conferences to attend. I went twice while working at Taylor Gifts before they went belly up (since reborn elsewhere) and also last year to see if anything applied to my current area of work. When I worked at Taylor Gifts, they footed the bill and last year was mostly paid by my current employers. This year, however, I am on my own. Who I work for now aren't really into the online retail indust