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Need more than the daily Colt Sebastian Taylor Times? Well, you are in luck!  You can check in with me practically every day of the week and see or hear me read the news to you.  Yes, I update the Colt Sebastian Taylor Times with serious news practically every day, but what about the weird and fund stories that fall through the cracks?  Well, my friends, I have got you covered.  Below are two exciting programs I am happy to tell you about.

The Saturday Report with Colt Sebastian Taylor

Broadcasting every Saturday at 11 am on AWSM Radio, this is a 30 minute or so program where I review some of the best stories of the week you may have missed.  There are a few stories that I will follow week to week to give you updates on, but mostly these are stories and news items that caught my attention, and I think you should know about them also.  Click here to visit AWSM Radio and click the icon below to start listening to their programming! In addition to my Saturday show, you can catch two of my other pals on there.  The Rox Sessions, 5 pm to 7 pm Monday through Friday, and DC Live In Effect on Fridays at 9 pm and Sundays at 10 pm. Visit their website to download their app onto your phone! 









Click Here to subscribe to have the show automatically downloaded onto your podcasts.  Shows are available on Anchor FM  Sunday afternoon and are uploaded there first before they are available on this website.  

Colt's Corner

This is my main channel on Rizzle.  With over 2,600 episodes as of March 2021, this channel covers a variety of topics. Generally, I respond to prompts I am tagged in and pick a few every day to offer my own thoughts and advice on. These videos are mostly filmed from my bar but occasionally you will see me in front of a red curtain from time to time. Click here to visit and subscribe. 

In The News With Colt Sebastian Taylor

This Rizzle channel is a news channel with more serious content on it and usually updated with breaking news events. Sometimes there can be serval videos a day, and sometimes days will pass without an update. Click here to visit and subscribe.  









Colt's Secret Drives

This Rizzle channel features me when I am either driving or on a treadmill.  The production value is a little less in these videos since I am either driving or walking, so I like to keep them on this channel. Most of these videos are responses to tags I get throughout the week offering my own thoughts. Click here to visit and subscribe.  



In The CST Office

This is my news Rizzle Channel created as I started to do more videos from my office.  Again, this mostly an aesthetic choice as I like to keep most "Colt's Corner" videos at my bar.  These videos are pretty much the same except I am speaking from my office.  Occasionally, I will need to be next to a computer to share some details about a subject as well.  Click here to visit and subscribe. 

The most important part of any of these shows is you! I want you to engage with me on Twitter, Rizzle, or even Facebook and let me know what you think about the stories I'm covering or if there is something you think I should talk about.  I'm more than happy to give you my take on a story or do a little research for you.  Would you like to become an official sponsor of any of these shows?  Get in touch with me, and we can figure something out.  I hope you enjoy my work and get a little more informed!

The Saturday Report w/ Colt Sebastian Taylor on AWSM Radio. Saturdays at 11 am
Rizzle - Colt's Corner
Rizzle - In the News With Colt Sebastian Taylor
Rizzle - Colt's Secret Drives
Rizzle - In The Office With Colt Sebastian Taylor

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